Moments of Hope


Psalm 34:1-22


Prayer Prompts:

  1. Lord, together with Your people, I exalt Your name because you have ___________. (v.1-3)
  2. Father, I confess that my lips have recently spoken evil when I ______________. Cleanse and restore me Lord. (v.11-14)
  3. Lord, because You encamp around me, I pray that You will deliver me from __________________. (v.4-7)
  4. Father, today, I will trust You to do justice in the culture, specifically ______________, as I take refuge in You. (v.15-22)




I Will Praise The Lord | Psalm 146


We commit to praising God because:

  1. He’s our only hope
  2. He meets our needs
  3. He’s our reigning King