The Christian life happens primarily outside of the walls of our church building. It requires being in the world yet not of it, taking part in the joys and pains of what it means to be human. This is why we are intentional about spending time with other Christ-followers throughout the week in an effort to encourage one another as we are exhorted to in the Word by the Spirit.


Groups meet bi-weekly

Meet Our Leaders

This takes place informally during our Sunday morning gatherings. Speak to our Deacons and Elders in a casual environment to learn more about our church. Whether you’ve just started coming to our church or have been here for a while, we'd love to meet you!


Learn about hope

Join us in this important class to learn about how our church seeks to fulfill the mission Christ has given us. Led by our Elders you will learn how we seek practically to love God, love our church, and love our world all for the glory of God - plus the regular rhythms of congregational life at Hope Church Toronto North.



Membership is the way baptized believers are identified with the local church, which is a community that is set apart by the gospel as a compelling witness of Christ to the world.


Membership involves a serious commitment before God and between members of the congregation. Members commit to believing and living the Christian faith and Gospel, to fellowshipping with one another, to regularly participating in the Lord's Supper, to pursuing holiness and maturity, and exercising their spiritual gifts for the good of the local church.


Our commitment to those who are new to our church is to serve and love you as you learn more about our church and what it means to be a member. Knowing that the idea of membership is often misunderstood, we encourage you to attend our "Learn About Hope" class where the topic of membership is covered.

Serving & Hope Groups

We are called to grow in our love for one another in the Church, by regularly gathering together, and using our gifts to serve and encourage one another in the faith.